IMG_0223I teach thoughtful, thoughtful darlings.

IMG_0248Slightly sunburned, looking forward to the vast shift in routine that summer will bring in two days, making lists.

Things I did this year without even trying:

Grew very tasty butter lettuce • Gathered more wrinkles, freckles, and gray hair •

That’s all I can think of. It’s a very short list, I know.

Things I did this year through trial and error:

Revised lesson plans and expectations for myself and my students • Counseled, loved, cried with and for my own kids • Found time to occasionally accompany a choir and occasionally sing in a women’s chamber group • Read for pleasure during the school year (!) • Occasionally made time to exercise • Got enough rest to dodge illness–not even a cold–but not enough sleep to ever feel rested • Morning meditation • Talked with friends and family about tough stuff • Laughed with friends and family, relaxed, had fun • Learned from my talented colleagues • Approached group relationships as one-on-one relationships (e.g. enough one-on-one time with each of the kids as well as B; focused on my students as individuals) • Made breakfast for the family: eggs on toast (going on several months now and they’re not tired of it yet) • Moved dinner to B’s domain except for my version of salade Nicoise • Found new ways to deal with new stress • Attended as many music/art/performance opportunities as I could fit in • Wrote, reflected, thought •

40 feels good.



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