Spring Break 2016

K turned 18!

2016-04-09 18.41.38

Here we are on our way to hear Stile Antico, a UK vocal ensemble specializing in Renaissance music. It was luminous, rich, precise, enchanting; deserving of every laudatory review I’d seen beforehand. The group comes from Cambridge and Oxford; having begun their training in the choral programs there, the 12 singers perform with no accompaniment and no director. The program focused on the music of Shakespeare’s era–very little Shakespearean text was contemporaneously set to music, so the singers wove spoken-word history lessons on William Byrd, the death of Prince Henry Stuart and the subsequent flood of music composed in requiem, and other items of interest in between their numbers.


A. created a hidden fairy house in the wild corner of the back yard.

All three kids had dog-sitting or dog-walking jobs during spring break.

I took Tolstoy to heart:  “Rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.”



5 thoughts on “Spring Break 2016

  1. Came across an image of the Koru Flag hanging from a balcony along with your wonderful writing, adventures and living life. Am putting a Koru flag wabsite together and love to have you included as a link or reasons why you display the flag etc. many thanks

      • Thanks Will do. For the koru flag website I’m gathering testimonials/endorsements, reasons about what the flag means to the individual as well as photos of the flag (flying or displayed in other ways). Some suggestions to consider:- *What does the Koru flag mean to/for you? * *How does it play a significant role in yours or other peoples lives?* *Why do you fly/display it?*

        *What are the benefits to you?* *Why do you sell the flag?*

        Be wonderful to have a statement from you either personally or representing your business. If appropriate and possible would also like photo(s) at some stage. Love to have something written just as soon as you are able to. Many thanks, Warm regards, Faye

        “Symbolising Nature’s organic power quietly reassuring that its bearers elect to be the custodians of the forces of Life on this planet” “Hundertwasser’s intention was that the koru flag be seen as symbolizing New Zealand’s commitment to a wholesome planetary environment”. Erika Grundmann http://georgedibbern.com/Articles/WorldAway.html

        artistic reasons etc

        Faye Tohbyn Ph 0220542369 “When one dreams alone it remains a dream, when one dreams together it becomes a new reality”. Frederick Hundertwasser

  2. Faye, I’ll answer in three parts:
    1. During our time in NZ, I was deeply impressed by Hundertwasser’s commitment to his adopted community and the degree to which his environmentalism is reflected in his art. The koru flag is an answer to the question of where New Zealand must direct its funds, identity, and efforts in the future.
    2. The idea of resurgence and renewal is embodied in the unfurling fern. Closely connected to Maori symbolism, the koru on the flag is a provocation to move beyond British imperialistic symbols, to indeed move beyond a flag tied to any one political party, and to instead celebrate the land itself, the whenua, that supports us.
    3. The inspiring quality of this flag arises in part from the sheer aesthetic value of the simple two-tone spiral. I am continually asking the question: What is the purpose of art? Hundertwasser’s koru flag helps to answer that question, by presenting a symbol that is meant to be physically displayed as an answer, a provocation, and an inspiration.

    Ashley Crandell

    • thank you so much for your words. Really appreciate the thinking that has gone into why you display and share the koru flag. Beautifully expressing what others may feel but not put into words. Many thanks Warm wishes Faye

      Faye Tohbyn Ph 0220542369 “When one dreams alone it remains a dream, when one dreams together it becomes a new reality”. Frederick Hundertwasser

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