“Your eyes like the stars”

You’re looking at the only student from Bainbridge High School to compete in Washington’s vocal Solo and Ensemble competition. Here she is before going into Bremerton High School’s main auditorium to sing Debussy’s “Nuit d’étoiles” and “Quella Fiamma” by Marcello. Interesting fact about “Nuit d’étoiles”: It was Debussy’s first published work, which he wrote when he was only 18.

2016-02-06 14.45.34

2016-02-06 15.24.51

Ahh–there’s the sparkle I love. This is after she sang with such power and beauty that it took my breath away. A rare young full lyric soprano, she’s learned to contour her voice in interesting and compelling ways and to command the stage with her presence.

Her two voice teachers are perfect fits for her and have taught her so much. The times I see K the happiest are after her twice-weekly voice lessons, when she’s gotten praise for what she’s doing well and specific feedback about what to work on.

That’s what I aim for in my teaching practice–though it’s significantly more challenging as a classroom teacher; rather than a full studio of 40 students, I have a full studio of nearly 120.

2016-01-29 15.16.19

This is what one semester’s worth of graded tests and quizzes looks like for five classes. Out of my cupboard and headed for the recycle bin!

In the edges and corners of this very full week, I’ve managed a little reading:

The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher (recommended to me by a colleague for use with my Eng 9 support class)–a quick YA read that touches on religious bigotry, homosexuality, censorship, death and loss, and friendship. It’s a book that invites discussion.

Dungeness by Karen Polinsky (my colleague!) This book is part history, part fictional narrative, beautifully designed and intriguingly told. It’s lyrical and profound, rich with resonant symbolism.


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