It’s Winter Break!

Someone dropped off a bouquet of red and white tulips at my house; I wasn’t home and K answered the door. She didn’t recognize the person and there was no card. Thank you, bestower of beautiful flowers.

On Thursday, one of my past students dropped by to catch up, surprising me as I was re-arranging a bookshelf while my 9th graders watched To Kill a Mockingbird. After he left, the kids were curious about who the visitor was. I told them that they needed to do two things: grow up to be as curious and hard-working as T, and come back to see me after graduating. 🙂

I’m massively proud of students like him, and of my Feminist Forum kids.

On Friday after the final bell rang, students streamed out of the buildings–except for the 20 or so students attending the club I facilitate. There were several students home from college who dropped in to participate, and not until 4:30 did the discussion break with students saying, “I really should get going…”

I walked home shortly after that to a household of teenagers and their friends, gave them the snacks I’d accumulated in my classroom over the course of the day, and retired to my chamber to let a little silence soak in before taking K to a voice lesson.

A few hours later, the whole family went to see Star Wars. Standing in line, we realized the 8:30 showing was the high schoolers’ choice–there were nearly 30 of my former and current students in attendance.

I was strongly reminded of standing in line at International Cinema at college, attending with roommates and greeting various classmates and professors in the audience as well. There is something very healthy about seeing people out of their regular context, a re-affirmation of roles (I got to raise my eyebrows and smilingly say “J! Language!” to a former student using profanity in the public space) and at the same time, a display of additional sides to the complex human beings we interact with.

I’ve got 15 days of vacation, counting from now, and I’m looking forward to more outside time, more time to make music, more time to give life to the other sides of myself that make a whole vibrant person.

2004-06-27 07.20.11

Yesterday we walked into A’s bedroom and found Tasha lounging with her friends.

2004-06-27 13.09.32

We have an open fireplace but no mantle above it; K had the bright idea of hanging our stockings here.

2004-06-27 13.12.09

Gingerbread houses–S’s has an indoor pond! I started to make a wall for a log cabin out of pretzel sticks and icing. I wasn’t patient enough; it sagged in the middle and then I was hungry and that was the end of mine.


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