November Natal Day

2004-05-28 14.46.04

A’s 12th birthday! Here on his birthday night, he’s building a radio from his new circuit kit. On this cold, bright Saturday we had a retro birthday party: a Nerf gun war, hide-and-seek, pin the tail on the donkey, no-hands donut eating contest, pizza and Porco Rosso.

2004-05-30 09.21.58

2004-05-30 10.41.49

S drew the donkey and tails–the boys were pretty good marksmen.

2004-05-30 10.40.07

2004-05-30 10.43.54

A. loves reading, minecraft, legos, shepherd’s pie, science experiments, and sleeping in his nest. As the youngest, he’s the one who most often has the time or inclination to come with me to run errands or spend the odd moment together. ♥


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