Koru Quilt

I’ve finally finished the quilt I began in New Zealand, almost exactly three years ago!

It’s not perfect, but I still love it. The light that breaks through stained glass reminds me of New Zealand light, and I wanted to represent stained glass panes and the koru unfurling within them.

I’ve entered the quilt in the upcoming Bainbridge Quilt Festival, and I’m looking forward to seeing many other quilts to inspire my next project!

Here’s the sketches and piecing.

Here’s the quilt top finished.

Here’s the quilt being worked on two summers ago, a precious picture to me:

The quilt is almost entirely hand-stitched and hand-quilted; the exception is the main black cross, which I machine stitched right before we left to UT so that the completed top could be put on the quilt frame there.

The audio books I’ve listened to while stitching: The Girl on the Train, Maisie Dobbs, Frankenstein, Station Eleven, The Power of Habit, and probably 10 others I can’t remember.

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