Prom 2015

I finally went to senior prom!

2015-06-05 21.21.08

I suspect there will never be enough proms in my life, partly because I didn’t go to my own senior prom, and mostly because there aren’t enough chances to dress to the nines and celebrate real accomplishments.

My extraordinary seniors talked me into going, begged me to go (how lovely are they that they want their teachers to be part of their fancy evening out?). I decided after school on Friday that I still had the energy to go, but I didn’t have a proper dress. So S and I went to the vintage store off of Winslow Way and started looking through their large selection of gowns. I told the owner I was hoping to find something to wear so I could go to prom and celebrate my seniors. She and S helped me find a beautiful green silk dress and some shoes. At the register, the owner gave me a teacher discount and said, “Can I give you this pearl necklace as a gift? It would look so beautiful on you with the dress, and I love the thought of dressing a teacher for prom. Teachers are so important–they make us who we are.”

I know it’s a platitude, but at the end of a school year, it’s so nice to hear. S was smiling almost as hugely as I was as we left the shop. My kids’ pride in my job and my role is one of my biggest satisfactions in life. They love telling people that their mom is Ms. C and I hope that never changes. It’s a huge driver in my daily attempt at excellence.

I took B as my date, and gentleman that he is, he had his tux and dress shirt all ready to go.
2015-06-05 19.52.18

The view from the top floor of the Columbia Tower is amazing!
2015-06-05 21.25.26

This graduating class is phenomenal. I’m so lucky to have been their teacher.


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