Autumn is Here

2014-10-18 15.35.02

They had blue New Zealand pumpkins at the Suyematsu pumpkin patch! A had his picked out in one second flat.

2014-10-18 15.46.01

A, Grandpa R, and Grandma V (up for the weekend!) had a ride all to themselves while the girls were still finding their pumpkins.

2014-10-18 15.35.23

K’s in the fall play this year, The Laramie Project; one I’m very happy to support and proud of our school for presenting.

2014-10-18 15.49.29

S’s going to carve hers upside down. S’s done such a great job of adjusting to high school, running on the cross-country team, and keeping up with her classes–this is a typical scenario at 6:15 a.m. when I patter out to the kitchen for hot water, to find S up, dressed for the day, packed for her away meet, doing homework.

2014-10-23 07.29.36

I rarely know who exactly makes the poems in the poetry corner of the board, but just like my students, they’re often funny, insightful, and full of random spontaneity.

student poem board
[Make me a poem! You relax]

student poem 1
[Intuition withers at dusk when quiet and color flower over the gentle blue night]

2 thoughts on “Autumn is Here

  1. “Intuition withers at dusk” is one of the most profound things I’ve read in a long time. That is going to stick with me, and I’ll probably use it as a gentle reminder when I send my kids off on a weekend night.

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