Summer vacation part 3: Oregon Coast

The last leg of our trip followed the coastal highway up to Tillamook, Oregon.

2014-08-07 13.59.16
Whale’s Head off of Hwy 101.

2014-08-07 14.02.57

2014-08-07 19.10.09
At Beachside Recreation Area right off Hwy 101. Pros: The showers are hot; the beach is just a few steps from the camp. Cons: The campsites are close together; highway noise only dies down late at night and resumes earlier than you’d like to wake up. We made a salal-berry cake from the berries around our campsite that was really very good!

B brought the little guitar that S began her lessons on a couple of years ago and played quietly at the campfire every night. Usually my favorite part of camping is solitary runs or rambles in the morning light, but this time it was that hour in the darkness around the campfire.

I got a lot of reading done too, which has been my foremost goal this summer in preparation to teach AP Lit. I re-read Jane Eyre, worked through most of Pride and Prejudice, and began Donna Tartt’s all-consuming The Goldfinch.

2014-08-07 19.10.20

Once we hit Tillamook and met up with the Zs, we veered over to stay in a hotel for our last night. At the McMenamins Grand Lodge, B found a frisbee golf course.
2014-08-08 19.52.49

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