Japanese Exchange Students, Boundy Farm

At this year’s annual Pioneer Day celebration at our lovely friends’ farm, we brought 11 strong and it didn’t crash the party–in fact, it barely made a splash.

D trying out the stilts…
2014-07-26 14.08.52

A trying out the stilts and managing to look up for a picture!
2014-07-26 14.08.01

Hot day, thirsty girls.
2014-07-26 13.53.18

Our new Japanese exchange student M, still getting over jet lag and working through culture shock. We discovered later that she was freezing the entire time we were wilting and looking for shade–she’s used to much warmer weather on her southern Okinawan island.
2014-07-26 13.53.31

2014-07-26 14.10.18

K and C by the sheep pasture.
2014-07-26 14.09.26

2014-07-26 14.37.59

This was the welcome party at Battlepoint Park for the Japanese exchange students and their host families. We’ll be hosting M for some of the four weeks she’ll be here.

2014-07-26 11.53.56

S and A conversing with newly-arrived Japanese students.
2014-07-26 11.56.23

K and C conversing; C’s stay overlapped with M’s stay by two days and the house felt a little like an international hostel (on a B&B scale).

2014-07-26 11.56.50


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