Settling In Again

We’re not living out of boxes for the most part, but we’ve still got a lot of organizing ahead of us. Thanks to P and G for the lovely housewarming flowers!

2014-06-09 20.14.47

There’s been a lot of life packed into the last few days. This morning around 6:00, I got an email from our soon-to-be exchange student from France! B. turned 43! A’s class play is this Wednesday (he plays Hephaestus and Sherlock Holmes in the same play!), K’s being interviewed for the high school radio program tomorrow, and S had a grand time at the 8th grade banquet.

I’ve been refinishing the table, grading by sunrise light, unpacking, gardening, and generally setting things to rights. I’ve been making various versions of the final exam for 2nd semester English, so I have Cyrano de Bergerac lines running through my mind at odd moments:

While folding laundry: “I carry my adornments on my soul. I do not dress up as a popinjay; but inwardly I keep my daintiness.”
While measuring walls: “To sing, to laugh, to dream, to walk in my own way…”
And while unpacking a box of bits and bobs: “…with an eye to see things as they are.”

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