An Unseasonably Warm May Day

I killed a bee with my gradebook today. It flew in through an open classroom window, circled lazily and then with noticeably more purpose, and then when all eyes were on it, took a breather on the floor. I saw my chance and threw down the gradebook.

“Step on it!” “Step on it, Ms. C!”

My student who loves having a job to do jumped up to scoop it into the trash can and thoughtfully tore off a piece of paper towel to cover it –out of sight, out of mind– (one of my classroom mantras).

After a second bee flew in, we closed the windows and went outside to finish our class. We didn’t encounter any more bees outside, but the campus between the buildings was buzzing with ad hoc-outdoor classes just like ours.

This afternoon when I was up on the rooftop with A, he made me a paper fan and told me how all the 4th graders were distracted during testing because it was so hot and the electric fans were loud and and the kids were trying to fan themselves anyway with individual fans while typing at the same time.

K’s in California right now with her choir, frolicking and singing in the hot Santa Ana winds.

S just called me, on her way home from a track meet (probably sunburned and dehydrated).

B tells me his clinic got a little warm today, but the climate control did its job (no sweating through that sort of exam).

Happy May!

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