One and all

We went to Arizona this last weekend in order to be with one person. We’ve been trying to find the right time to visit our desert-dwelling family, and we picked a weekend when many of my other relatives were luckily also able to gather.

2013-11-24 11.00.07

My Grandpa F, in a picture none of us had ever seen before. Grandma J found it in an unmarked envelope and had it framed for our gathering.


A, B, and Grandpa F.


My dad and S.


My sister and her baby B.


K and S tickling S.


At one point, when I walked into the living room I found it empty except for S. playing with the baby toys. S. said, “This is strangely fun.”


2013-11-23 11.34.15

B’s Grandma M has taken up the bassoon. She gave us a concert, all the while B. hovering and asking to play it.

2013-11-23 15.34.11

Good conversation with Nana K.


Look at this crowd–33 strong, the weekend *before* Thanksgiving!

2013-11-23 21.05.02

Playing with baby nephews…never gets old. I wish we’d gotten more pictures of baby O, who was sleeping or eating much of the time as the littlest ones tend to do, but we got plenty of baby B (aka Zen Baby).


My mom and my nephew S, who has changed from a baby to a boy so quickly.


K. and cousin J.

2013-11-25 08.46.55

And this is what a pack of tired travelers look like after having their plane delayed, after spending hours and hours in the Denver airport, after getting a few hours’ sleep in the wee hours of the morning in a Seattle hotel, and finally on their way to work and school without stopping. One of these travelers has a big bag of fresh basil gradually wilting in her purse and is glad she left her classroom tidy because there won’t be a moment to spare; one of these travelers has a work partner who is understanding and accommodating; one of these travelers will go to the last two classes of her day, and two of these travelers will have the luxury of taking the rest of the day off. Each of the travelers is awfully glad that just weeks after losing one grandpa, they were able to spend time with another who is bravely fighting the good fight.

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