Birthday Boy

2013-11-17 15.46.56

2013-11-17 23.53.53-3

A’s 10th birthday means that we’re all in double-digit territory now. Time skitters and rushes and I’m trying to savor the last bits of my little ones’childhood—I’m starting to head into a scarcity model, where cuddles and storytimes are too infrequent. Maybe we’ll pull out the E. Nesbit books again soon, though Sam Pepys’ diary around the dinner table has been pretty good.

10th birthday A:
Lemon meringue pie • Legos • Peter Pan • graphic novel • pizza • balloons • chocolate milk • rooftop • drizzle • 4 good friends • My Neighbor Totoro • Grandpas and Grandmas on the phone • Cinnamon Toast Crunch waiting on top of the cupboard for early birthday morning • thank you cards • “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images • kisses and hugs • the best treasure hunt ever, created by sister S.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

    • Hi Christina! Just snuggle him into a state of mind where *not* snuggling regularly feels like a cold and empty world. That’s how A describes it.

    • Hi Michelle! All my kiddos have a strong family resemblance, don’t they? I’m going to consciously work hugs into the morning wake-up routine, when I feel like I’m waking up sleepy bears too early. Hug the cranky things!

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