New School Year

SAMSUNGThis year K is a 9th grader, S is an 8th grader, and A is a 4th grader.



Kate’s high school experience thus far has been full of unexpected twists and turns; between New Zealand credits not transferring and the high school here requiring specific classes for graduation, we determined that K would be better off registering as a freshman than trying to catch up for the next three years. Another twist: I’m her English teacher!

The high school had an unexpectedly large number of freshmen registering just before school, so they were able to open new sections in English and elsewhere.

As a newly-hired teacher, I’ve been madly lesson planning in every spare moment and trying to get up to speed. Parent night was nerve-wracking but fun. The first unit is well under way, and overall it’s going fabulously well.

A and S are thriving in their respective classes so far and B and I are finding our way through early mornings and late evenings. Our down time is shorter than ever before; it felt like a luxury to slip out to the marina grill last night. When we went together to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some stuff for K’s party tonight, we saw two of my students, two of my other students’ parents, a nurse who B used to work with, and a friend. A small island grows smaller when one of you is a family practice doc on the island and the other is a high school teacher on the island. This phenomenon also necessitates a rule: never ever go anywhere without expecting to see someone you know.

It’s a nice feeling, like being handed an immense bouquet of flowers you have to find a vase for.

2 thoughts on “New School Year

  1. You did a wonderful job at parent night! You’re so articulate and well spoken. I made that comment to Jillian and she said, “Yeah, she uses a lot of big words.” Perfect! 🙂

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