Cousins’ week on Bainbridge

My kids now have 14 cousins, but most of them are cute mewling young’uns. Two cousins, however, are right around the same age as my crop of kids. AZ and DZ now live a few hours’ drive away, close enough to visit often, and close enough to come for a week of cousin time!


We rode the Seattle ferris wheel.

The Puget Sound that day was the color of AZ’s eyes, a rare bright blue.


DZ was apprehensive due to an early scary experience with a ferris wheel (I thought they were always pretty tame, but I guess I haven’t been a very small child on an open-carriage ferris wheel in awhile). The carriages on this wheel are completely closed in, so people will ride rain or shine, and after a full circuit he started to enjoy it.


The boys found a pocket park.

We stopped to watch a snippet of a chess game.


DZ and A.


K, S, AZ. Tasha is not hydrophilic. She’s interested in seaweed and dead crabs and other smelly stuff, and she’ll lap at the salty water, but there’s none of that doggy paddling stuff for her.




We spent two afternoons at Fay Bainbridge Beach and Pritchard. I ran into a couple of my friends at the beach, who had been observing the kids as they played in the water. I pointed out my niece and nephew, and they said, “We were just saying that those kids weren’t raised in a coastal area. Your niece pulled a jellyfish out of the water and your nephew said, ‘Is that a crab?!'”

We also fit in some blackberrying, a movie marathon at the library, the All-Comers track meet, waffles with homemade blackberry syrup, and a lot of walking here, there, and everywhere. On our way to the high school track, DZ told me, “You guys REALLY need to get another car.” I said, “We only have one car on purpose, D. When we lived in New Zealand we only had one car and we walked a ton, and you know what? Everyone got fitter and happier. So we’re trying the same thing here.” He looked at me with a sort of pained smile, trying to understand his strange relatives.

When in Rome, boy. AZ and DZ, we love you!

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