Visiting family in Utah

I’m very fond of Utah. Over years of visiting I’ve grown adept at seeing the good things and enjoying the hotspot of extended family. Our one week of summer vacation away from home this year was spent in and around Salt Lake, reconnecting with loved ones.

The week went like this:

Day 1: Drive all the livelong day. Listen to an NPR collection of family roadtrip stories, listen to K’s dj mix of Eric Whitacre, Regina Spektor, Johnny Cash, etc. Start a new book for the mystery book group. Start compiling a list of state license plates we see. Run like crazy at rest stops. Give not one fig as the girls point out that people are staring at my jumping jacks. 🙂

Day 2: Set up quilt on Aunt T’s frame, swim at Grandpa F and J’s pool.


Day 3: Informal quilting bee, downtown Salt Lake, evening Andean concert in the park.



L to R: Grandma J, S, me, my mom, Grandma S.



Day 4: Drive to St. George, meet Grandpa D and Grandma K and a bunch of extended family members for lunch. Hike the Santa Clara River trail, breathe in the pine-scented air.

Day 5: Meet R, L, and Grandma S at the Springville Art Museum to see the quilt show; dinner with extended family, meet a new nephew!

Day 6: Alpine Slide in Park City, see lots of extended family, meet new niece and nephew twins!


My brother P, with M and his adorable dimple.

O and K.

C and P.

Day 7: Drive all the livelong day, until Vancouver WA. Step into a mirage of a park, complete with picnic dinner provided by Aunties C and M, Uncle D, Grandma K and Grandpa D. Load up with two extra kiddos and hie to Bainbridge. Listen to Dave and Morley stories on the Vinyl Cafe, feel great about the laughing and content kids. How things start is most of how they end, after all. Home again, home again, jiggety jig.


P.S. We saw 35 state license plates and 5 Canadian provincial tags. Not bad for one western stretch of the country!

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