Rotorua, revisited

First things first: my dad recently had a birthday marking 6 decades of life, so this picture is for him:


This forelocked fellow is a Lincoln.

We spent our last couple of days with D and K in Rotorua. We revisited a farmstay lodge that’s perfect for kids. A, S, and a passel of other kids found a heap of scrapwood and the proprietors let them use it to build a fort one morning.




This time when we visited the Agrodome sheep show, the audience was sparser than in high summer and K was picked to go up on stage!



Miscellaneous Notes:

1. Rotorua is excellent at tourist-accessible cultural experiences, like mirimiri-based massage and the Tamaki Maori Village. Don’t shy away just because they’re money-making ventures; consider them to be aspects of a dynamic and responsive culture.

2. The hongi, or greeting which shares the breath of life between two people, is performed twice in quick succession in the Rotorua area (rather than once, as here in Northland).

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