Cow, Cape Reinga Redux, Fantail

We’ve been filling the days this week with Northland day excursions for D. and K. We’ve had gorgeous weather and great times together.


This cow with bear-cub ears was outside the walls of the cemetery of St. Michael’s Church near Kaikohe. You bet I baby-talked it while I was taking its picture.





Did you know the inside of kelp looks like this? It feels like a soft sponge.


Finally, after months of countless shutter snaps and blurry shots of feathers, I caught a fantail who held still enough to have his picture taken. These birds are incredibly sociable little chatterers, with a juddering, whimsical flight path. They catch insects on the wing and tease their human observers by flying right up close and then veering away at the last inch. (Maybe they’re just really myopic and can’t tell a face from a fly?)




A short drive down from the high bluffs of the cape, sheltered Tapotupotu Bay is a gorgeous place for a picnic and a little beach time.




2 thoughts on “Cow, Cape Reinga Redux, Fantail

  1. Well, after seeing those shots of B with his cool shades, I don’t think you can blame the poor little fantail for mistaking him for a tasty fly. 🙂 (No offense, B! New Zealand definitely looks like it requires great sunglasses.)

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