Running uphill

Running seems to be an especially popular form of fitness in New Zealand; there are 5Ks and 10Ks on up going on all the time, everywhere. In fact, our own Hokianga Hospital Half-Marathon is in 5 weeks. For two days, I labored under the impression that I could push my fitness level forward enough to not die on a 13 mile run, and then I came face to face with the fact that after 45 minutes of running, I was dragging one foot in front of the other, lungs seared, at my limit. There’s no getting around it: I’ve been a lackadaisical runner. So I won’t be running it, but the half-marathon has made me think more about running and being prepared to run something, maybe a 5K.

This is my old running path on B.I. for comparison.

Here’s my running path as of this morning, a bright glorious open morning.


This is the first part, the long gravel driveway that I sprint up.



Once I’m on the road, there are woods and driveways to each side.


The top of the road ends in a high cul-de-sac and this is the view out to the harbor. Wow, this is a beautiful place. Feeling that renewed sense of gratitude and wonder is my primary goal every time I lace up my shoes and head out for a run; pushing forward in fitness is a nice side-effect.


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