Koutu Boulders

Yesterday we went for a beach walk with J & J to see the Koutu Boulders, some of which are perfectly round, like huge gray jawbreakers or newel finials turned on a lathe or fossilized eggs.








(A. looks funny in this shot but the rock he’s sitting on is quite photogenic.)

Properly called spherical concretions, they formed a dense core from sedimentary minerals over millions of years. You can see similar ball-shaped concretions all over the world: in New Zealand, the more-famous Moeraki Boulders; Bowling Ball Beach off Hwy 1 in California; the Cannonball Concretions in North Dakota; in Bosnia, and also in Egypt you can find beautiful examples.

There are some interesting ones weathering out of the cliffs in Short Canyon (San Raphael Swell) in Utah—I’d like to see these the next time I’m hiking in Southern Utah.

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