Arthur’s Pass

Part Seven: Across the Southern Alps

We all got up early in order to get to the train station in Christchurch, only to find at the station that the heavy rains earlier in the week (known to us as the crazy Wellington wind, in the northern iteration of the storm) had washed out a significant portion of the rail track and the TranzAlpine wasn’t running. Instead, many of our would-be fellow travelers were climbing aboard a big touring bus that had been arranged to get folks to Greymouth. We opted instead to rent a car a day early and drive ourselves over the gorgeous Arthur’s Pass.

Our first rest stop on the way across the Southern Alps was called Castle Hill. We all stretched the old legs, the kids used the portable loo, and B and I helped push a no-go camper van for some friendly Germans.

These boulders are huge—the cows grazing in the field give a point of reference.



The intense blue river that flows along Arthur’s Pass is the Waimakariki.

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