Zip-Lining in the Forest Canopy


Part two! Rotorua, as a hot-spot for tourism and geothermal activity, could keep a visitor busy for days. We visited the Agrodome sheep-show in the morning, went zip-lining in the afternoon, and hot-mineral-pool soaking in the evening.

The best of the three was the zip line eco-tour of the forest outside Rotorua. The forest is virgin podocarp, which means it’s the kind of forest that once covered much of New Zealand, with this little pocket of forest having grown and grown until the soil underfoot is so deep that it springs when you walk.

The two guides that accompanied our family and another family of five (from southern California, as it happens) were great teachers, telling us about the forest and the plants and creatures it shelters. And they were utterly safety-conscious, which put us at ease to enjoy sailing briskly through the forest air, climbing rope-and-slat bridges, and perching on high platforms necklacing the majestic trees.





2012-12-29 15.33.41



2 thoughts on “Zip-Lining in the Forest Canopy

  1. Happy New Year!! This looks fun. We also have this kind of adventure park here in Malaysia where you will zip through the rain forest by flying fox or you will need to cross the high wire at 17m to 22m high up and each course take like 2 to 3 hrs. It was fun.

    • Happy New Year to you as well! The people we were with were talking about the different locales they’d been ziplining. I think it would be really fun to do it in forests all around the world.

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