Rawene Christmas Carnival

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the antipodes for the annual Rawene Christmas Carnival!

We had a parade of floats, an open-mic singing contest, a horse vs. motorbike race, sawing, lovely food stalls, local artisans, and lots of happy chatting. (A certain 9-year-old boy also had too many lollies and a tummy ache afterwards.)

The theme for the children’s floats was Nursery Rhymes.



An avid member of the sailing club towed his beloved wooden boat in the parade—it’s a float with no adornment needed!


I saw people walking around with the most amazing looking banana leaf full of lunch. It took me a few minutes of sleuthing before I found the unconventional stall:



Chicken coconut curry over rice, with salad and fresh coriander with sunflower seeds. Mmmm.


B took a turn on the double saw.



Gentle man and gentle horse.


This is R, who regularly takes the local kids out for horse riding. Just before this, he called everyone over: “Hey, everbody, come watch a 60-year-old on a horse race a kid on a dirtbike!”


On the long straight stretch, R got behind a bit. But a horse can cut a corner while a dirtbike can’t. You should have heard the cheer that went up for R.


K. stayed behind with friends for a couple of hours after we walked home, and she came home sporting an apple-red sunburn. What a very different sort of Christmas season we’re having! I think I’ll let Santa know that Miss K needs a sunhat.

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