Sunday hike: Pahia Lookout Track


Yesterday afternoon we headed to the Bay of Islands on the east coast of NZ, intending to do a peninsula hike north of Kerikeri. We stopped in at Paihia on our way and found a bustling pop-up artisan market (the local council allows them to market their hand-crafted wares only when a cruise ship is in harbor) and a well-maintained lookout track just out of town, so we changed plans and dropped anchor in Paihia for the afternoon.

These are some pictures either I or A. snapped while we were chatting with a lovely pair of retired teachers from Yorkshire who had reached the top before us.


You can see the low-lying Waitangi treaty grounds from this point.


As the weather turns hotter and drier with summer, sometimes a hiking trail feels like it could be in the Pacific Northwest, or even Utah or Idaho. That is, if you don’t look too closely at the umbrella ferns. Young manuka along the trail can seem very much like scrub oak; cicadas fill the warm air with their buzzing song when you stop for a breath and some water.

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