Sandals and sleepovers

Going barefoot is S’s favorite style. And here in Northland, she can go barefoot to school, the library, the store, the takeaways shop…and fit right in. It really is an interesting thing to realize that muddy shoes (or even shoes that haven’t been washed in the past day or so) are far more dirty than simple bare feet.

However, sometimes it’s a good thing to have a little protection between your soles and sharp beach shells, or stray broken glass, or what have you. So here’s a pair of sandals, S.-style, that we ordered online from a company called Invisible Shoe.

The sandals come with laces and the soles, which you cut to size.

All yesterday after school, including a sleepover last night, and today until late afternoon, S. palled around with her friends. Today she and K. hung out for hours with their friends–not a playdate, just hanging out, going from one house to another, to the swing, to the beach, to the takeaways shop. This may be because they’re getting older and moving away from parent-arranged playdates, or maybe it’s because that’s just what kids do here, like kids did in the decades when I was growing up and just as my parents did, and their parents. I really love that my kids are experiencing this.

M. brought her dog Blondie to visit. A. loved the chance to pet a lovable pooch.

(Okay, me too.) This is my outdoor office–you can find me here most of the time, sometimes even with dish towels drying in the breeze! 🙂

The kids were making shadow puppets from the deck in the brilliant sunlight, creating devils, llamas, elf ears, and ducks on the lawn below.


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