In which I sing the praises of New Zealand produce

I bought some cilantro today from the local veg shop, Wardy’s, and look what I got:

Leaves the size of lettuce! I made my guacamole, the kind that’s more of a salad than a dip, with lots of cilantro and diced tomato. I wondered if the giant cilantro would be bitter or tough, but no, it was perfect.

On the other side of the size spectrum, B. picked these mini-mandarins from a tree outside one of the remote clinics. When they’re peeled, they release the most intense orange scent I’ve ever smelled. And the segments are so very cute in salads.

In this bowl we have four egg yolks. (One broke.) To the left of the bowl, we have a lovely lemon for color reference. One of these eggs (the vivid orange one) came from Wardy’s veg shop in town, labeled free-range organic. The other three (the lighter ones) came from a chain grocery store in Kerikeri, labeled free-range organic. The difference? The local ones were from pastured chickens who really, truly roam free and eat grass, weeds, and bugs. The nutrition difference is supposed to be as different as the color of these yolks.

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