Wairere Boulders

East of Rawene lies a tumble of huge fluted basalt boulders on the property of a delightful Swiss-now-Kiwi couple. Felix and Rita realized only after buying the land that their gorgeous boulders display an erosion pattern that is unique in the world for basalt. Normally seen in limestone, geologists determined that the deep fluted patterns here are the result of chemical leaching by the extremely acidic kauri forest soil.

Felix and Rita designed and hand-built the tracks, paths, lookouts, and bridges. Forest-bathing, little waterfalls and pools of tea-tree steeped water, vistas, rock animals to find, picnic tables tucked here and there. It’s a paradise.

This is a fantail, and I have a great and terrible need to get a good picture of one as it swoops toward my face, only to turn and display its fanned tail. Very extroverted and almost never still, with a cheeky little chirp, this native New Zealand bird has me mesmerized. My next quilt design has to be a repeated motif of its tail.

Miss S and me on the lookout, and then B and me. Horeke and the Hokianga are behind us.

Can you see the wise old turtle in the river?


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