Go the All-Blacks!

We’ve had a great weekend in Auckland and environs, with a return to our tried-and-true hostel, where we happened to be staying at the same time as K’s English and science teachers from Northland College. Small world! And good conversation during breakfast time.

Saturday morning we ferried across Auckland Harbour to Devonport on the North Shore for some shopping. You can see K’s pretty new dress in the last picture of this post.

I like the organic quality of the ferry terminal design.

This is looking back at Auckland from Devonport.

And then Saturday night, there we were, a family of newly-minted fans sitting all in a row at Eden Park with the huge lights on and darkness beyond, and the All-Blacks getting ready to play!

Out of the frame, the photographer is still pondering why Kiwis use a definite article in their robust cheer. Oh, well. Go the All-Blacks! It’s really a thrilling sport to watch, with an ebb-and-flow that’s suited for spectating. My favorite parts:

—Walking through Auckland, seeing all the people on their way to the game (dressed in black, or with silver ferns painted on their faces, or waving All-Blacks flags)
—Being part of a sold-out stadium of cheering people
—Singing New Zealand’s national anthem, first in Te Reo and then English
—The famous haka to start the game off
—The running commentary on the game by the fellow above me somewhere (kind of salty, so I won’t share, but he should be a head coach, I’m telling you:) )
—The way two guys will lift up a third to catch the throw-ins
—Watching our team win
—Watching my kiddos love being part of a Kiwi experience

On our way back today, we stopped at my favorite fish-and-chip shop in Warkworth and ate our picnic by the river.

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