Of spiderwebs and spring

Even though I woke early, the sun wasn’t exactly up-and-at-’em this morning. A thick blanket of fog had drawn up during the night and stayed hunched into rolls and lumps all up and down the harbor.

As I looked out the kitchen window, I noticed a twiggy tree that has been sporting pink buds has fully blossomed into sakura, the herald of spring.

Ornamental cherry? We shall see.

A bit later as I walked to the primary school to tutor, I saw a million spiderwebs-turned-sparkling fairy weavings. What kind of spiders weave these? I don’t know–but several people have told me that there is only one kind of poisonous spider in all of NZ, the Katipō,and that one’s very rare. (Actually, if you’re not creeped out, you can see a couple of other accidentally introduced species here.) Are the webs always here in this kind of abundance? Shiveryuck, and wow. (With some of the pictures, you’ll have to play Where’s the Web? because I reduce picture resolution for the internet.)

Blooming gorse.

Jasmine in bloom scents the path for several paces before you actually come upon it.

Considered a bush weed, jasmine vines will choke out native seedlings. (But it will smell divine while doing so.)

The vine swing schoolchildren cavort on when coming home from school. Haven’t tried it. Maybe I’ll sneak a swing one morning or two.


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