Adventure, updated

Here’s an update/guest post from K:

Third day of school down! And what a day it was…

Each morning I catch the little van/bus that comes to our tiny town and sit in a remarkably clean, quiet environment (minus the radio and breakfast-eating hubbub) for forty minutes. Over hill and dale, past cows and graveyards and harbor—a very beautiful drive. Unfortunately, our driver is absolutely insane (kidding ☺). But those curves are sharp, making it impossible to do homework, let alone avoid any tongue-biting.

School begins with karakia, a morning assembly where a teacher accompanies the school with a song in Te Reo Maori. I’ve yet to see anybody but my math teacher actually singing. Announcements are made, new schedules sometimes passed out, and off we go to form class, a.k.a homeroom. My form class is the one I do all my classes except electives with.

Today, we went down to a big garage-y type building, with a circle of ancient couches in the middle of all sorts of plant and farm equipment. We learned about the Maori calendar (based on the moon) and then settled down to the real work: making flax food baskets!

I had to go back and unweave several parts, and I definitely had a fair bit of help from the teacher…But…Isn’t it beautiful? **snort** (Is misshapen)

[Comment from Ashley: K gave this basket to me, following the tradition of giving away the first one you weave. And I think it’s absolutely perfect.]

And then came my favorite part: The calves!

The Northland College school farm is the only one in the whole Northland district. It has chickens and cows and a river/swampy thing and composting and who knows what else. And yesterday the cows started calving! So I got to help feed a dozen fluffy day-old things. Tomorrow we start to help bottle-feed them, because for some reason the calves are taken away from their mamas a day or so after they’re born. The heifers are kept, and bulls are sold. The school uses the milk.

So tomorrow, I have to bring my gumboots—working on a farm all day gets muddy!


4 thoughts on “Adventure, updated

    • It seems a very John Dewey-esque kind of experiential education. Both the primary school and now K’s school have a strong emphasis on out-of-classroom learning. I kind of want to take a field trip, to school. 🙂

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