Whangarei in Winter

A rainy afternoon in downtown Whangarei

Yesterday, our day trip took us to a city two hours away. Pronounced “Fang-a-ray,” there are many hikes and outdoors things to do in the surrounding area when the weather isn’t miserable. There are a few things to do when it is, including the Kiwi North Museum.

The museum has a kiwi house, with a pair of kiwis that have their days and nights reversed (kind of like our baby K in her first month of life!)—that way, you can see these nocturnal birds poking their long beaks around their habitat during our daytime. It was so cool. One of them waddled right up to the glass, just inches from where we were standing in the dark.

They reminded us of bunnies, or from the back, Corgis with their fluffy momos. Their feathers are fuzzy like mammalian hair, they have whiskers, they have nostrils at the ends of their long beaks (the only birds with this particular trait), and they seemed sweet and shy and vulnerable. Not so much curious, as much as lah-la-lah, I’m just doing my thing poking around.

Along the main shopping drag in Whangarei.

It was overcast, cold, and rainy all day. So of course I went to a fabric store and bought fabric for a quilt. And a quilting hoop because I’m going to do this by hand. I’ve got some ideas for a koru quilt.


2 thoughts on “Whangarei in Winter

    • I think the past few sunny weekends have spoiled us—I’d rather be hiking than shopping, but Whangarei is beautiful no matter what you’re doing. 🙂

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