(Piano) keys to the house

B’s colleague and his wife are lending us a very nice keyboard while they’re in the Cook Islands for awhile. It feels like home now!

B played a morning fanfare for me yesterday. Groggy thanks, love.

Yesterday I enrolled K and S in music lessons at Kerikeri’s School of Music. It’s very much like the Island Music Center on B.I., with a front office scheduler and various studio rooms. It’s new digs for the school of music, a renovated church. It’s actually a brilliant use for an underused church, since there are already bathrooms, a large kitchen, a central meeting space/performance area, and classrooms-cum-studio rooms. Soundproofing would be an issue, I would think. In any case, it seems that this will be a very nice solution to music studies until we can get back to our dear M and J at the Island Music Center.

I really lucked out and secured lessons for both of them at the same time—driving there takes more than an hour, so the day they have lessons means a huge chunk of time devoted to the pursuit of music. We’ll be singing a lot in the car during that drive, as we did yesterday: Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Gibson, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Mariza, Sara Tavares, John Denver.

We’re going to find New Zealand artists to add to our playlist!


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