The Kauri Coast: Waipoua Forest

The Waipoua Forest in Northland is home to the largest kauri trees in the world. My pictures only hint at their girth and majesty.

This is Tane Mahuta, or Lord of the Forest.

The Four Sisters.

Bonus feature: The Annual Opononi Pig Hunt. When we got back to Opononi for dinner (at the fabulous Boar and Marlin), we found the day’s catch hanging up. I think these are Captain Cookers, a tough feral breed that roams the bush.

From what I’ve read, Captain Cook released European pigs in New Zealand, which cross-bred with the smaller pigs the Maori had already domesticated. Our server at dinner told us that his cousin had caught one that afternoon, “Enough meat for him and all his mates who helped him, and their families too.”


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