Walking to town

These are the last days of the kids’ summer (winter) break from school. We’ve walked to town almost every day, to get our mail (from a post office box since there’s not mail delivery), to get fresh vegetables and fruit from Wardy’s, to see if anyone is at the primary school (they’ve been on school holiday), and just to play and explore and get some exercise.

This zigzag provides a shortcut. I’m telling you, it gets steeper the more grocery bags you have hanging from your arms on the way back up.

There are masses of nasturtiums growing on the roadsides and all up the hillsides. Tenacious feral beauties.

Along Clendon Esplanade we stopped at the small sandy beach and played on the tire swing.

Getting on was fine, and swinging on it’s a blast, but I need to work on my rope-burn-free technique for getting down.

2 thoughts on “Walking to town

    • It is beautiful! Still, pictures don’t do it justice. I think part of it is the birdsong everywhere and the water you can see from almost every point on the peninsula.

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