A vain pursuit

What am I doing when I should be packing?

Stupid stuff to my hair.

I got the idea to get my hair permanently straightened when I saw a friend who had it done. Her hair is glossy and sleek and ooh-la-la and she doesn’t have to do anything to it. Ah-ha! I thought, there’s the thing for me–I’ll wake up on long camping excursions with nary a worry about my long, newly-glossified, sleeked hair.

So on Tuesday, I forked over an unholy amount of dough and spent several hours for the privilege of having my hair utterly overprocessed and burned. The damage wasn’t apparent the first day, although it smelled awful. I thought it must be the straightening product working its magical stench. Day two was torturous. (You can’t tuck your hair behind your ears, wash it, etc. so that the straightened locks will set up properly.)

I washed it this morning and my hair started breaking off in crazy little wiggles and half-strands.

Then I let it air-dry, and rather than sleek tresses, this:

Photobooth doesn’t do these wigged-out strands justice. Oh, and what you’re not smelling is the accompanying stench. Burned hair triggers the gag reflex like little else. You lucky devil, be glad you’re not me.

By 1:00pm, I couldn’t stand myself anymore and called my trusted salon here. Recovery:

This is the boy whose hair is longer than his mother’s.

You know the thing about hair–

It grows.

14 thoughts on “A vain pursuit

    • You’re right, Christina. Just not the new hair I was thinking of. I actually forget about it, until someone walks by and does oogly eyes at the strange person in the kitchen.

    • Hi Amy! It must be a stress-relief instinct šŸ™‚ Good luck on your move! We’ll be about 3 1/2 hours north of you.

  1. Oh, my! Very cute! I loved your long hair too. Having had both styles myself I can totally sympathize. It’s great for a new start. Mine went that short when I went to Vietnam clowning, but that was in 97 degree heat with 100% humidity!

    I already miss you…

    • Hi Brooke! Thank you:) You’re so right–when you get your hair cut super short to donate, is it always during the summer?

    • Hi Kari! Thanks– I’ll take sassy. šŸ™‚ Anything to infuse me with a little extra jolt of energy over the next few days.

  2. Really cute hair!! You look cute with short and long hair!! We are sad we did not get to see you guys before you leave. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Hi Celeste! I talked to Patrick, but didn’t get to say goodbye to you. We’ll stay in touch and plan to see you next summer. šŸ™‚

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