Down to the desert

Part of our leave-taking included a trip to visit family in AZ over the last few days.

Bulldog Canyon in Usery Pass is beautiful. It would be a good place for a hike–it was a great spot for family pics at sunset.

Here’s D and B.

And Grandma K and Grandpa D.

Tasha seemed to do okay in the heat. She’s not eating very much and barking a lot more, and I’m pretty sure she ate a dead scorpion, but she’s going to be just fine with all the cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to take care of her. Thank you ever so much!

K helping J remember that she knows how to float.

Cousin time in Nana’s pool.

My sis and me.

She gave us travel games to take us through the long stretches of down time ahead. Our favorite so far is the story cubes.

A and D harvesting oranges and grapefruit from Nana’s trees. I had never seen a citrus harvesting tool before, and when I first saw the boys brandishing them, I asked them if they were fishing something out of the pool. They peered into the pool, scanning for oranges at the bottom. No oranges in the pool. “We’re picking oranges off the trees, Mama. See?”
(Notice the oranges on the ground? Oh well.)

Watching A. reach the top of a mature orange tree with a tool that grabs a super-sweet orange tickled me to no end. When you’re eight the world can be wonderful in long stretches. When you’re the parent of an eight-year-old, the world can be wonderful in tiny windows that suddenly fly open. I love those moments of newness and wonder, especially when we’re out of our routine and there’s some sleep-deprivation and vacation fatigue going on.

K and I made fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice from Nana’s white and red grapefruit, which was the biggest treat of all the treats on this trip. Besides seeing AZ family members and saying our goodbyes, of course!

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