Two weeks with Tasha

We have approximately two weeks until we say goodbye to our Corgi puppy. Tasha will stay for a year + with our generous family members.

She’s seven months old, so affectionate (and so loved), still in the middle of puppy training, and still a touch incontinent when very excited. (I’ve decided she comes with vouchers for carpet cleaning every month.)

So we’ve been thinking about what she needs to learn most before we take her to her new digs in AZ. How to shed her rather thick northwestern coat in a hurry? How to walk away from scorpion encounters unscathed? She definitely needs to learn how to chew a rawhide stick without going all growly biting primal wolf dog. If you walk into the living room and hear a chorus of “No biting! Drop it! No biting! Drop it!” that’s what we’re doing.

We’re also working on off-leash training. The first time we unclipped her leash outside, at Battle Point Park, she bounded away like a bunny for the underbrush. A. was galvanised by adrenaline and caught her with a flying leap.

We’re working on opening the front door and not having her race outside and into the street.

She’s doing better at obeying the “Come!” command. As with all Corgis, she appraises the situation and comes if that’s the best choice for her at the moment. Smart, smart puppy. The good thing is she’s very motivated by training treats.

She has to run every day, either in circles (blanket game) or outside. Luckily, S. is a runner and Tasha is a great running companion. When it’s sunny out, running to Cannery Cove Beach is really pleasant. And Tasha does perfectly well offleash there!

Look at her fluffy corgi momo. I am so taken with this dog.


2 thoughts on “Two weeks with Tasha

    • Oh, I wish you could too! This climate is much kinder to dogs than AZ. But I’m sure she’ll be happy. A/C happiness plus cousins to love her.

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