Guest Post: Introducing Myself

I get to be a guest blogger at Island Ashley now! Let me tell you, I find this PRETTY exciting.

The plan is for me to “chime in” from time to time with my own photos or thoughts (or both).

So without further ado, here are some pictures I’ve taken in the last several months.

Visiting the Japanese Exclusion Memorial on the South side of Eagle Harbor, A. felt compelled to sit and reflect a bit — which is exactly what this space was meant for, I believe.

I’ve also got some pictures to add from our trip to Victoria this last weekend.

Fernwood Square, even on a drowsy Sunday afternoon, had the feel of being a community gathering place.

You could see the BC Parliament building from our hotel window!

We had no idea that Sunday morning was the TC10K — we heard the start signal go off, and looked out the window to see ALL THESE PEOPLE RUNNING.

Lastly, this was the set for God of Carnage. Projected over the furniture was a looped video of children fighting on a playground — a pretty good way to foreshadow the play.

— B

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