Fifteen and change

Victoria Harbour B.C., taken upon waking really early.

Last week marked 15 years of marriage for us. There haven’t been many quiet years during that decade and a half!

Over the weekend, we reprised a trip to Victoria, B.C. that we took 10 years ago. This time we discovered another section of Victoria, Fernwood Square, 20 minutes of brisk walking from the tourist action. There’s a lovely converted church now in use as a playhouse:

The Belfry Theatre put on a really good production of The God of Carnage. The barfing was truly spectacular.

So traveling and finding food I could eat proved to be a little tricky. But for the most part, it worked. Sushi! Salad nicoise! Steak frites! Dark chocolate and strawberries!

Back on the home front, Auntie M and J were incarnations of Mary Poppins while we were gone–caring for the kiddos, taking them on outings, cooking, cleaning up for an open house, and all-around anxiety busters!

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