Spring Break Staycation, Part II

Day Four (Tuesday)

Swimming at the B.I. aquatic center, making a giant pb cookie
Favorite moment: I’ll be honest here, a moment of peace in the adults-only hot tub!

Day Five (Wednesday)

The foothills of Mt Rainier! The Altimeter Cabin is tiny and very inspiring.
Favorite moment: hot tub in the snow

Day Six (Thursday)
Foothills of Mt Rainier!
Favorite moment: leaving a note in the cabin guestbook saying just how much we enjoyed our stay. Putting words to things crystallizes emotions, and writing words down does so even more.

Day Seven (Friday)
K’s 14th birthday!
Favorite moment: twofold this time: making K’s birthday dinner with B, and getting a good hug from K. Relationships take work, and we’re putting in the hours.

Day Eight (Saturday)
UW meeting, choir practice
Favorite moment: walking out of my seminar and finding the quad at UW positively alive with photographers and happy people amidst the sunshine and blossoming cherry trees.

Day Nine (Sunday)
Easter nests, socks
Favorite moment: Sophie coming home again!
I didn’t take any pics this time (Easter morning was extremely busy for me, no time for such things as cameras), but we’ve found that lovely, good-quality socks are far more beloved than Easter finery.

And there we have the bare bones of our successful staycation! More travels coming up later on the calendar…


2 thoughts on “Spring Break Staycation, Part II

  1. Wait?? 14?? When did that girl turn 14? Miss K is growing up quick. Hello Young Lady. 🙂 Good Luck Mom and Dad. Looks like a wonderful staycation.

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