Spring Break Staycation, Part I

Day One (Saturday)

1. Trip to Seattle to apply for the kids’ passports (we haven’t had to get them before)
2. Kabab Palace in Redmond for Indian
3. Star Anna at the IMC (favorite song: the Lucinda Williams cover “Joy”).
Favorite moment: dancing with S. and A. right by the stage.

Day Two (Sunday)

1. Trip to Seattle for an evening outing. Dinner at Long Provincial (Vietnamese)–definitely the very best pho I’ve had.
2. Egyptian Theatre to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi. You must see this film!
Favorite moment: walking into the beautiful Egyptian Theatre after running for blocks and realizing we weren’t late!

Day Three (Monday)

1. Cleaning and sorting books, clothes, dishes, fabric, etc. to give away
2. Doughnuts and sushi as a reward
3. Playing with Tasha and gardening
Favorite moment: weeding in the sunshine, feeling that there is enough time to do everything. There are changes on the horizon, as there always are–but right now, the to-do list is mighty long.

Here’s a fitting sentiment for today:

Do not mourn for the past, do not worry about the future, do not anticipate troubles, but live the present moment wisely and earnestly. –The Buddha

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