Tree Envy and an Icarus Complex

Fiber artist Suzanne Tidwell created this whimsical public art installation called “Artificial Light”– you can see it at City Hall Park for another few days. Just be sure to pull on your coziest, stripiest, most colorful winter socks before you set out, or you just might be beset by treesock envy.

How does she do it? She uses a knitting machine for the most part, then clambers up lifts and ladders to hand-stitch them onto the trunks and limbs.

It’s easy to see why peoples and their stories have long imbued trees with human qualities: their tall, sturdy frames and skyward reaching limbs remind us of us.

Our Seattle outing yesterday included the Museum of Flight.

Il Cigno, or The Swan, is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings.

My favorite part of the museum is the early aircraft display hanging in the front foyer. The luminous materials look like deconstructed and reconfigured Japanese lanterns that talented sailmakers got their hands on.

My next favorite part was sinking into the first-class seat of a modern airplane. With just a little suspension of disbelief, I was really taking a trip, flying over the Atlantic, going to visit London in particular. A little flutter of anticipation made me smile. Funny, because flying scares me sick in reality. Only in a museum would I feel happy to be flying in a jet. And only on paper did Icarus survive his flight from the isle of Crete.


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