bashful flimsy compromise

A couple of days ago, I chaperoned A. and the rest of the 2nd graders on their field trip to the Pacific Science Center. The butterfly house was the focus of the outing, the 2nd graders just having cared for their own Painted Lady caterpillars. We also saw the 3-D IMAX movie Born to be Wild. It’s quite good, even more so if you’ve got a 2nd grade hand to hold during the show.

This one rode around on A’s head like a living crown.

One of the kids in my little group was a natural with my camera–she got this shot of a butterfly hanging out on my sweater.

A’s 2nd grade vocab papers are cracking me up:

My akschage student mgiht be bashful. That’s right, we’re hosting an exchange student from China, who arrives in less than a week! I guess A. was listening when the coordinator met with us and explained that she might be shy at first because everything would be so new.

I had a flimsy balloon. The little “pop” is my favorite part. It’s brilliant to have students draw pictures of their new vocab words.

Sometimes my parents compromise. Best one yet: the dialogue balloons of me and B saying, “Aa!” and “Aag!” Nice to know we’re modeling mature, evolved methods of compromise. 🙂


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