Spring 2011

Chicks! We’ve taken on three Ameraucanas that are every bit as cute as the Rhode Island Reds we raised in Okanogan. These girlies (90% sure of sex–cross your fingers) will give us blue eggs and will eventually move house into the forest. For now, we’re giving them lots of attention so they’ll be tame and affectionate.

The plan is to construct a moveable house so they will have the forest floor to scratch around in and yet be safe from eagles, coyotes, cats, etc.

This hanging flower holder is a Mother’s Day gift from my A. and the posy was picked this morning by K. The vase looks a bit like an Ameraucana egg, no?

In the garden, the japanese maple is unfurling in its strangely crustacean, but very beautiful manner.

The rhubarb is finally looking established this year–since we’ve gone very low sugar in the household, I’m thinking of making a chutney or fresh salsa with it.

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