Student teaching 11

8 hours of sleep.

Short periods of 35 min. each today because of the snow. 1st and 3rd periods were fine; 2nd was CT teaching, bless his soul. I am coming to see a myriad of ways my CTs are lovely, funny, well-meaning, and resourceful.

62 teaching days left.

The #4 bus’s snow route is quite circuitous so as to avoid the hills, but it still beats walking and it still got me to school by 7:45am.

By 11am, I was en route back to Bainbridge, as UW classes were cancelled for the day. Pho for lunch–and I was awfully glad to have the warm and savory fortification in my belly when I walked home from the ferry. If Kitsap transit shuts down often, this may be the winter I live off Pho.

3 thoughts on “Student teaching 11

    • Hi Brooke! You know, it seems like the absolute perfect thing when it’s cold and dreary out. Or when it’s cold and snowy and crisp out. It just seems like the broth would take awhile to make, so I only have eaten it at pho places.

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