Student teaching 7,8,9,10

Monday, Nov. 15:

Teaching the 9th graders was hard. Not a complete disaster. But 4 students really just defied me. They were talking and turned around during silent reading time and during the PP I did. One student in particular responded very poorly to my requests to her to turn around, get out her notebook and her book, and stop talking. She said, “Whhhyyy aaaaare yooooou taaaaaalking so sloooowly? Is it because I’m remedial? You’re acting like I’m retarded. My mom said I could correct you if you talked really slowly to me.”

I am really taken aback by this idea that she has that I talk really slowly to them. It’s probably a combination of being talked over, and hence pausing for attention, and choosing my words carefully.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

All-day field trip to see Hamlet by the Seattle Shakespeare Company. Intimate theatre, stunning set choices, and my favorite casting of Prince Hamlet ever. Darragh Kennan, you are brilliant.

The students were great. Really enjoyed my day.

Thursday, Nov. 18

Frustrating day with the 9th graders. I ran a lit circle that sort of imploded. I did a PP that engaged the students (yay, points for me) but then I lost them again toward the end of 10 minutes.

Friday, Nov. 19

So tired. 9th graders okay. I’m just avoiding walking by the one student’s desk altogether. I’ve worked out what I’ll have to say to her if (when?) she is verbally aggressive toward me in the coming week. I read several students’ autobiographical essays, and I feel so much hope and worry for them.

63 more teaching days left.

2 thoughts on “Student teaching 7,8,9,10

  1. OH sweet Ashley! I wish I could smack that girl up the side of her head.
    Just remember how hard it is at that age. Maybe ask her to stay after class and talk to her. Find something you both have in common. Obviously she wants some attention even if it’s negative. You can always call me if you need to vent!

    • Hi Katie! You are so lovely. You know, I’m trying to keep in mind something my CT said that I love: “She has a severe case of…teenage girl.” Wry smile.

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