Student teaching 4 and 5

Student teaching 4: Monday, November 8

Running on 6 hours of sleep. 69 more teaching days left.

I taught AP 12 1st period–since I had overplanned, it was simply an extension of my previous day. Makes it easy. I really enjoyed that class.

I taught the 9th graders 2nd period and it was awful. The substitute told me he was 2 minutes away from calling an administrator to deal with the class. He didn’t have to, but the lit circles were something out of Dante’s circles of hell.

Student teaching 5: Wednesday, November 10

8 hours of sleep. 68 teaching days left.

I loved this day–I had the thought that I could do this and be fulfilled. That thought is very rare. I didn’t have to present anything, and it was a 1-3-5 period day, so no 9th graders. I read Melville’s story Benito Cereno. Amazing–I’d rate it among the top five best stories I’ve read.

2 thoughts on “Student teaching 4 and 5

  1. Are you at BHS? I love that you’re keeping track of each day and your feelings about it. I used to want to be an English teacher, but now I know I’m not cut out for it. (Not just from reading your experiences, but they confirm my feelings.) Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jenny! No, I’m at a high school in Seattle. I’ll have to talk with you about it at length sometime. And I’m glad my self-reflections are helpful–that was one of the thoughts behind keeping a running history. That, and to convince myself that there *are* good days. 🙂

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