I love that word.

It belongs to my teaching philosophy.

It means stuff from everyday life. Things, tangibles. The mundane. The real.

In that spirit, I’m going to post something real about each day I student teach. It’s quickly going to be apparent that I’m in the midst of a considerable struggle just to go every day. Telling some truth might help. I don’t know.

So, today. 73 days of teaching left.

Couldn’t sleep well. 5 hours of sleep.

1st period applauded me after I taught an hour-long lesson onA Midsummer Night’s Dream. I am very fond of them.

CTs want teaching ideas from me in planning sessions. I don’t work that way. Ideas come at odd moments, while I’m not trying to think of them. So much pressure to collaborate within certain parameters. It makes me feel physically ill to feel pressure all the time.

Lunch was M’s leftover quinoa and an orange in the sunshine, on the HS bleachers, while talking to K. on the phone. K hasn’t gone to school for over a week. Sick, but not that sick. Missing assignments piling up and I’m far more concerned than she is.

CT has only negative things to say about my teaching. It hurts sometimes.

Cried on the #4 bus
Tears on the ferry.

Bathrobe and vino by 7pm.

2 thoughts on “Realia

  1. Keep your head held high and don’t get bogged down by the CT’s. What really gets me is that we teachers have been taught (quite rightly) to teach for all different learning types and include different learning styles. But when it comes to different styles of teaching and different approaches to teaching, no such approach is allowed. There is no one sure fire style of teaching!

    The parameters you refer to are often couter productive to good teaching. It says that we already know what makes a good teacher. Oh, really? Surely we can all agree that there is plenty of improvement left for improvement within Education. Such parameters restrict. That isn’t always a good thing.

    Student Teachers need to have the freedom and support to develop their own style. I hear too many stories of new teachers quitting after only a few years in the job. How good does that make the parameters?

    Keep up the good work. You’re in a wonderful profession and in time you will be able to flourish without some of the restrictions that are hampering your effectiveness.

    Good Luck!

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