Revitalizing weekend

Friday evening was Blakely Elementary’s annual family picnic on the grassy hill. A. chose our menu: baked beans with hot dogs, potato chips, corn on the cob, and juice boxes. A 6-year-old’s Sometimes Food smorgasbord.

On Saturday, B. and I spent an evening in the city: dinner at Racha (lemongrass chicken and ginger chicken, oh my) and a play at the Intiman Theatre, which is quickly becoming my favorite venue in Seattle. The courtyard with its sculptural fountain at night is intimate, beautiful, and thought-provoking. The production running now is A Doctor in Spite of Himself, a piece of Moliere commedia that had me laughing until the tears ran. Bawdy humor crossed with lightening-fast word play and non-stop physical comedy–and the funniest part was when Daniel Breaker, brilliantly playing the title role, broke character and shook with barely contained laughter. Afterward, I walked out of the playhouse and wanted to smile at every stranger, skip at every step.

Today was the annual Johnson Farm Harvest Fair, and we spent some time there this afternoon riding in a horse-drawn carriage and drinking mulled cider.

2 thoughts on “Revitalizing weekend

  1. We seriously need to plan our date night soon. What does your calendar look like? I’d love to go to a funny play and a great restaurant. You pick!

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